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Biography of the Artist, C.C. Lee


Enamored by the American dream, C. C. Lee immigrated from Taiwan to the United States in 1970 while working as an engineer on a cargo ship. In New York City, he saw his passion for the arts transformed from a dream into a possibility. Using his natural abilities for quick handiwork and creative thinking, C.C. began his new life with a block of clay and begin creating delicate flower pins to sell on the streets of Mannheim. 


When he found the love of his life, Shiu Ping, he began to extend his porcelain jewelry to earrings and modern wearables. They went from selling his wares outside of Macy’s, into the jewelry counters inside the store, and galleries and boutiques all over the city. But it was when he accidentally stumbled upon an outdoor art festival that he saw where his future lay.


Years later, he and his family moved to Florida where they live today. C.C. and Shiu Ping created a distinct line of clay tiles and an assortment of hand built whimsical clay sculptures. They have exhibited in countless outdoor art festivals around the United States since the 1990’s, and are selling mainly wholesale today.

Circa 1980's, New York City

CC and Shiu Ping selling their
popular porcelain flower jewelry line

Creative Process


Each ceramic tile is prepped with canvas and burlap to give the piece its unique texture. Using wooden ceramic and hand sculpted tools, C. C. Lee draws in each design by hand into the clay to impress the design. After the bisque firing, the items are then meticulously hand-glazed by Shiu Ping Lee.


The ceramic glazes are hand-mixed, giving them their unique coloring. After the low firing in the kiln, the items are given a mother of pearl treatment and then fired once more, giving the ceramic tile a long lasting and bright, colorful finish.

Each design is hand drawn by C.C. 

Shiu Ping individually glazes each piece


Thank you for supporting our small business!
-The Lee Family


From left : Shiu Ping, Singling, Ling, and C.C.

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